26 thoughts on “Handbag Essentials

  1. CaraLeaG says:

    hehe bangs πŸ˜› lol its an all over single colour however the hair in my fringe is alot healthier and shorts so it doesnt fade as easily as the rest of my hair… so it does look a little darker after a couple of washes and it is quite a dark black brown so it does have some cooler tones (purple) to it πŸ™‚

  2. CaraLeaG says:

    hehe yeah… I feel so comfortable talking to myself so I just keep doing it πŸ˜›
    I should have made it a tag… just like my about me video… I should have made that a tag too cause I did it before the tag started πŸ˜› tell you what Irene! I TAG YOU! I would love to see what you find important to have :)… 10 million of the vintage sister lip lickers? I am lemming them cause of you πŸ˜›

  3. Shelly Block says:

    i am 100%serious about chewing gum and not getting the turkey waddle.. also there is another exercise .. push your tongue to the top center of the roof of your mouth and it will do the same thing.. place your hand on your neck and fill the effect both the gum and the tongue exercise.have on the muscles. you can fell it working.. my daughter always says mom your so lucky you dont have what other ladies your age have. it totally works…Shelly

  4. junbug1029 says:

    I don't know why I don't carry a makeup bag in my purse…it makes so much sense! I do carry a round bag for my lippies, and I may just consolidate everything into a makeup bag. Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Carine Andrews says:

    hey there. i'm loving the darker hair colour on you…… you look absolutely gorgeous!!! the girls i subscribe to are mainly from the US so its great to see another Aussie girl on Youtube. which city are you in? i live in perth. i only just subscribed to you yesterday as i loved your tut on mehron. just a quick question about that. do you use it often and which one the most??? i like the tropical and pastel ones, not sure whether to get both or just one.

  6. hannahmei says:

    omg cara you look STUNNING in this video, Im loving the darker hair! I use paw paw for everything! I used to put it on my eyelashes in highschool because some girl told me it curls them naturally.

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