14 thoughts on “My Handmade Custom Designed Handbag

  1. Joana Monterroso says:

    hi I am a subscribed fan and love you videos as I finished watching your videos and read your comment that you couldn't find it. Well I took the liberty to go searching for it. I love to goggle search. Some can say engine search junkie…lol! In case you have not found it just google seach Afro girl rhinestone transfer and that same image is used several times in many different ways. I found her image on 1 site under popscreen hope this helps 😉

  2. clothespindolls says:

    I ordered it online in jan on amazon, but when I went back online a few weeks ago, they are sold out. I have scoured the web and cannot find it anywhere. What I will probably do is purchase stock clip art, modify it a bit and have custom rhinestone heat transfer patterns created just for these bags. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. clothespindolls says:

    Hi, someone asked about copyright of this design. My response to this is yes, it is a good idea to trademark your designs, patterns etc..however even birkin bags,ysl get knocked off all the time. I like to think that if you put effort and energy into developing your brand, your customer base will be loyal to you! Take care of your customers and develop a following, loyal customers will keep returning and tell their friends! Think Avon and Tupperware, but on a more creative level.

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