23 thoughts on “What’s In My Handbag 2015 // Lily Pebbles

  1. Ella Blue Belle says:

    +lilypebbles You can solve your awkward tamping toilet situation by using a menstrual cup instead. They only need to be emptied every 12 hours so basically twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. Then at the end of your flow you just disinfect and store for next month. They are much more environmentaly friendly and better for your body as well. And not to mention a tonne cheaper. Seriosy everyone should be using them.

  2. Jenny Tzakova says:

    I love this video – especially to see all your cool tech gadgets – that headphone splitter didn't even know existed but always wanted! Also nice makeup look, will definitely come back to see how you did it on Sunday. Enjoy your weekend! Jenny x

  3. Lucy Alana says:

    I love that rucksack so stylish and chic! I agree with you there so much more comfortable and you can fit so much in it without feeling like your entire arm is going to fall off! As I am a definite handbag hoarder that carries their entire life round! Xxx

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